Soymilk Production Plant

CBECL supplies Soy milk production line and install machinery and plant, provide consultancy service to avail loan from EEF, ICB or other commercial banks, prepare project profile for bank loan for soy milk production plant.
soy milk production plant.

 Soy Milk Plant Specifications

1. Our soya milk plant is advantage for processing various kinds of soya milk
such as pasteurized soya milk and UHT soya milk etc.

The design & specification of our soya milk plant.

Based on your needs, our professional expert engineers will design the soymilk plant solution. We have pasteurized soy milk plant, UHT soy milk processing, and the maintenance and spare parts service as well.

With years of experience, we are able to do the job well. Aim at success with our China partners together, we are growing fast. For soy milk processing, such as the following processing flow:

Milk Reception → Pasteurization → Homogenization → Butter making / Yoghurt making →Milk Storage → Packing → Refrigeration → Hot water generator → Laboratory → Install and commissioning.

Please contact us for more information of soymilk plant and machinery.