Rice Bran Oil Production Plant

We supply and install complete rice bran oil production line. We work with direct cooperation of China engineers. We provide financial consultancy service and prepare project profile for bank loan for rice bran oil processing plant.

Rice bran oil processing flow charts:

rice bran oil production line

Pretreatment  Plant Introduction

Rice  bran extrusion flowchart:

Rice bran→Magnetic separation→Rice bran and fine broken rice separation →Extrusion Puffing→flat plate drying →to extraction plant

Main process description:

Adopt the magnetic separator to remove metal impurities, ensure the machines’ long service life and fine products. And use rice bran and fine broken rice separation sieve (Chaff rotary sifter)to remove broken rice,  fine broken rice etc.

Adopting the bulking machine can both improve the yield of rice bran oil and reduce the consumption. The extrusion puffing, on the one hand, can make solution lipase in the rice bran passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition,then prevent the rice bran oil rancidity; On the other hand, the extrusion puffing can make rice bran be porous material grain, and increases the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and leaching rate which solvent reacts to the material.

Solvent Extraction Plant Introduction

Material→Extraction→Wet meal→Desolventizing→Cooling→Product meal packing ↓ Miscella→Filtration→Evaporation→Crude oil ↓ Solvent recovery

Refining Equipment Introduction

Rice Bran → water washing → dephosphorization deguming → Bleaching → continuous physical deodorization→ to dewaxing workshop