Project Profile Preparation

We prepare project profile of all kinds of industries and business to submit for bank loan or feasibility study. Our project profiles are accepted by ICB for EEF loan, Bangladesh Bank, and other commercial banks and financial institutions. We are expert in making project profile/report of any business and we have experience of more than twenty years on preparing project profile/report.

Project Profile Preparation

TABLE OF CONTENTS of a sample project profile:

  1. Project Profile

The Project at a Glance02
Chapter-1Proposed Project06
Chapter-2Management Aspects08
Chapter-3Technical Aspects09
Chapter-4Marketing Aspects16
Chapter-5Financial Aspects18
Chapter-6Economic Aspects19

2.Feasibility Report


Annexure-1Assumption for financial analysis
Annexure-2 (a)Cost of the Project
Annexure-2-(b)Means of Finance
Annexure-3Estimate of Working Capital
Annexure-4Sales Estimate
Annexure-5Projected Income Statement
Annexure-6 (a)Raw & Packing Materials Cost
Annexure-6 (b)Labor Cost
Annexure-6 (c)Overhead Cost
Annexure-6 (d)Cost of Finished Goods
Annexure-7 (a)General, Administrative & Selling Expenses
Annexure-7 (b)Salary & Wages
Annexure-7 (c)Cost of Goods Sold
Annexure-8Break Even Analysis
Annexure-9Pay-Back Period
Annexure-10Cash Flow Statement
Annexure-11Projected Balance Sheet
Annexure-12Debt-Service Coverage Ratio
Annexure-13Internal Rates of Return
Annexure-14Ratio Analysis
Annexure-15Construction & Civil Works
Annexure-16Machinery & Equipment
Annexure-17Furniture & Fixture
Annexure-18Land & Land Development
Annexure-19Cost of Vehicles
Annexure-20Preliminary Expenses
Annexure-21(a), (b)Sensitivity Analysis
Annexure-22Contribution to GDP
Annexure-23Margin of Safety
Annexure-24Repayment of Bank Loan
Annexure-25Implementation Schedule

Project profile of auto rice mill
Project profile of auto rice mill

 3. Necessary Attachments

All necessary documents are attached in this section of project profile.

We prepare:

  • Project profile of auto rice mill plant / Rice bran oil production plant.

  • Project profile of auto bricks making plant/ block making plant.

  • Project profile of feed processing plant/poultry feed mill / fish feed mill /cattle feed mill.

  • Project profile of cold storage plant /cols store / vegetable processing plant/ fish processing plant.

  • Project profile of milk processing plant/ UHT / ice-cream/sweat/chocolate/candy/ dairy plant.

  • Project profile of flour mill/ fishery/nursery.

  • Project profile of tissue culture / tortoise culture.

  • Project profile of seed processing plant.

  • Project profile of garment/textile industry.

  • Project profile of water treatment plant/ mineral water plant.

  • Project profile of plastic industry/ jute mill. etc. 
  •  Project profile of any other industry.

Please contact us for quotation and other related information of your project profile.
Project profile of Washing and Dyeing Plant
Project profile of Washing and Dyeing Plant