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We provide financial consultancy services to our customers to avail loan from banks, financial institutions, ICB EEF of Bangladesh Bank.

Under this services:
Financial Consultancy

We have a long time experience of working as consultant to avail loan from EEF, ICB. We have similar experience to process loan from other commercial banks too.

To know more about our financial consultancy service, please visit our office, call us or send an email.

About EEF Loan of ICB Bangladesh Bank

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), a unit of Bangladesh Bank is providing a fund, known as EEF Loan (Equity Entrepreneurship Fund/Entrepreneurship Equity Fund, EEF) to new entrepreneurs to build new agricultural and IT based industries in Bangladesh.

The total cost of the project should be limited to 10 Crore and ICB will provide 49% of the total cost.

What you need to have to get the EEF facility?

1 Photostat copies of approval letter from Board of Investment as the case may be.
2 Copies of relevant document, like foreign collaboration, L/C opened for imported
machinery etc. as the case may be.
3. Board Resolution for availing the EEF facility.
4. Certified Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of
Incorporation (Certified by Chairman/ Managing Director/ Director of or Secretary to
the Company).
5. Certified Copy of trade license ( Certified by Chairman/ Managing Director/ Director
of or Secretary to the Company).
6. NOC from Office of Director General of Environment/UNO and other relevant
7. Bio-Data with Photograph of the Promoters (Sponsors)/ Directors as in Form -1.
8. Personal net worth statement as in Form- 2.
9. Declaration of particulars of sister/allied concern(s) as in Form-3.
10. A specimen of the letter to be addressed to the applicant’s Banker(s) as in
11. Project’s viability tests as in Form-5.
12.. TIN of all the Directors, Sister Concern and the Company (if any).
13. Bank Account Number of All Directors and Company
14. Nationality Certificate/ National ID Card.
15. CIB Report (Up to date).
16. Audited Financial Statement of immediate Years for existing project.

The forms mentioned above will be available at website of ICB.

To learn more about the EEF facility, the method of availing the EEF Loan facility, please visit our office, or call us.

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