Bangladeshi importer and supplier of heavy industrial machines and plants.

Construction Machinery

We supply all kinds of construction machinery like excavator, elevator, crane, tower crane, mixer, crusher, etc.

Excavator CE400-5 Face-shovel

Excavator CE400-5 Backhoe

Excavator CE420-6 Face-shovel

Excavator CE420-6 Backhoe

Excavator CE460-6 Face-shovel

Excavator CE460-6 Backhoe

Excavator CE650-6 Face-shovel

Excavator CE650-6 Backhoe

Excavator CE750-7 Face-shovel

Excavator CE750-7 Backhoe

Excavator CE1000-7 Face-shovel

Excavator CE1000-7 Backhoe

Excavator CE1250-7 (Face-shovel)

Excavator CED460-5 Face-shovel

Excavator CED460-5 Bcakhoe

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