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CBECL is the biggest cold storage machinery and equipment supplier in Bangladesh. We supply our cold store solutions from China. We provide vegetable cold store, fish or meat cold store, specialized cold store, milk cold store, super shop cold store, medical cold store, etc. in Bangladesh.

Cold storage solution in Bangladesh

Vegetable cold storage solution in Bangladesh

Vegetable cold storage contains products that needs 0 degree to 10 degree Celsius temperature. It normally becomes big in sizes. We prepare vegetable cold store from capacity 50 MT to 50,000 MT or bigger. Per ton vegetables require 60 to 100 cubic feet space for storage.

Fish-meat cold storage solution in Bangladesh

We provide fish-meat cold storage solution in Bangladesh. Fish and meat requires temperature range from Minus 10 degrees to minus 50 degrees. The capacity of fish meat cold storage generally becomes 10 MT to 500 MT. Sometimes it may be bigger if someone requires. The space required per ton fish or meat 40 cubic feet to 100  cubic feet based on the storage system cartoons or rack type.

Specialized Cold Store Turnkey Solution in Bangladesh
We provide specialized cold store solution in Bangladesh.

Cold store Installation and machinery solution in Bangladesh.

We provide installation, construction and machinery and equipment solution of cold stores in Bangladesh. If you require any cold store construction, please contact with us. We will give you proper advice to make a suitable cold store for your targeted products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any warranty of machinery and equipment of cold storage?

Ans: Yes, we provide 1 year service warranty of our supplied cold storage machinery and equipment in Bangladesh.

Do you provide project profile and drawing of the cold storage project?

Ans: Yes, we do. But, if you order for a project profile and drawing before the order of machinery and equipment, we will charge a small amount for this.