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Water Bus Ferry Boat for Sale

Water Bus Ferry Boat for Sale
Water Bus Ferry Boat Side view.
 We supply Water Bus Ferry Boat in Bangladesh and abroad. The Water Bus Ferry Boat are made in China.
Water Bus Ferry Boat BD
Backside View of Water Bus Ferry Boat

Quick Details of Water bus as shown in image here.

Hull Material: Fiberglass
Condition: New
Fuel Type: Diesel
Passenger Capacity: 100-120 People
Length (m): 27.00m
Color: White or Blue
Boat Type: Catamaran
Speed: 30-38km/h
Brand: Jianglong Shipbuilding
Supply Ability: 20 Unit/Units per Year
Water Bus Ferry Boat Inside view
Please contact us for your order of Water Bus Ferry Boat for Sale in Bangladesh. We also supply Water Bus Ferry Boat in other countries like India, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and other.

Floating Crane, Crane Barge, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship, Sell

We are reliable sourcing agent of Floating Crane, Crane Barge, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship in Bangladesh. We have sourcing ability of China, Japanese,American Floating Crane, Crane Barge, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship for Sale.
Floating Crane, Crane Barge, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship, Bangladesh
We can provide you floating crane or related equipment withing the shortest time.

 Please contact us for your requirement, more information and give us your specification.
Floating Crane, Crane Barge, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship

Floating Crane, Crane Vessel, Crane Ship, Crane Barge, for sale.

Crane lifting capacity is from 50ton to 5000ton.

Here is some price idea of floating cranes (estimated cost of floating crane with vessel).

  1. floating crane 50ton, $900,000 to $1,500,000
  2. floating crane 100ton, $2,000,000 to $2,500,000
  3. floating crane 200ton,  $3.5 MILLION to $5 MILLION
  4. floating crane 1000ton, $15 million to $25 million
  5. floating crane 1500ton, $25 million to $35 million
  6. floating crane 3500/3800ton/3950ton, $75 million to $125 million

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in Bangladesh

We supply Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in Bangladesh. Now you can produce a huge quantity of fishes at a small space. It will reduce the use of land for fish culture in Bangladesh.

Aquaculture Systems

Fish farming is generally categorized as being extensive, semi-intensive and intensive according to the level of inputs of feed and/or fertilizer and to stocking density.

Extensive Aquaculture is farming fish at man made ponds or river. It is the most common fish farming system. However, semi-intensive and intensive aquaculture is the fish culture at a controlled environment at a small spaces providing artificial feeding, water circulating and oxygen levels.

If you want to know more about intensive aquaculture system, please contact us.

Automatic Concrete Block / Roof Tiles Making Machine Made in Italy

Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

We supply full automatic concrete block making machines with installation and after sale services.
Our machines are imported from Italy and installed by Italian engineers with guarantee of services.
We install them all over the world, we train the staff to operate them and we continue offering several services during the whole life of the machines such as technical support, post sale service, improvement of productivity and development of new products. 

ইতালির তৈরি কংক্রিট ব্লক মেকিং মেশিন অধিক টেকসই ও নির্ভরযোগ্য। আমরাই ইতালির বিশ্বখ্যাত কংক্রিট মেশিনের একমাত্র বিক্রয় প্রতিনিধি।

Concrete block making machine from Italy is more durable and reliable. We are the only sales representative for world famous concrete machine from Italy. Make your concrete block and roof tiles making factory with our world class machinery from Italy.

Italy made concrete block making machine for India & Bangladesh

Block making machine

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine in Bangladesh & India.

We are the local sales representative  for India and Bangladesh of TBLOC srl. Italy, the world famous concrete products making machinery manufacturer in Italy.

Concrete block is environment friendly and heat and sound proof as building blocks. Concrete blocks are more cost effective and reliable. The government of India as well as that of Bangladesh is going to ban the use of red clay bricks for the protection of environment. We should come to help our earth to protect environment for our future generation.

Roof Tiles making machine

Roof Tiles making machine
We have automatic, semi-automatic roof tiles making machine made in Italy. Roof tiles are used widely for roofing the buildings, sheds and resorts.


1. What is the future of block and tiles making industry?

Ans: Block and tiles making industry has a bright future in all countries especially in Bangladesh and India since the concrete block is environment friendly, cost effective, strong, durable and profitable as compared to red clay bricks. The government of India as well as Bangladesh is going to ban the use of red clay bricks to protect the environment. So, no other way beyond making and using of concrete blocks in this territory.

2. Is it profitable to make a concrete block making industry?

Ans: Certainly. The production of blocks is cost effective. The cost per block is not less than the cost of production of bricks but if you compare the cost of the project, the cost of block making plant is very much less than the cost of red clay bricks manufacturing plant. So, if you can get profit 10 tk. investing 1000 tk. and 12 tk. investing 5000 tk. which is better? So, block making industry can give you profit investing less money, less hassle, less man power.

3. Why I will buy machinery from Italy?

Ans: The block making process involves water, cement, sand and stones or dusts as raw materials. So, your machine should be of good quality to run for a long time. Yes, you can get cheap machinery from China or other countries, but their performance will not be satisfactory. They can make you sufferer in the long run and may cause extra hassle of repairing regularly spending money and time. So, it is your wise decision to buy world class machinery from Italy spending a little bit more money.

4. Will you provide installation and after sale services?

Ans: Off course, we will. Our engineers will supervise the installation of your machinery at your project site and will provide after sale services too.

6. I need more information

Please Contact us for detail information and catalog for Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine prices.

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