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Textile/garment Waste Recycling Plant

We supply complete machinery of Textile/garment Waste Recycling Plant.


The LINE is our common recycling line adopt the experience of our factory , we extend the cylinder diameter enable to get higher capacity and long fiber . this machinery basically belong to the old type recycling machine , operation simply ,easy to control , lower investment . The cylinder are all wires type iron cylinder , Adopt difference type wires to pick the fiber smoothly . the line save power and higher capacity maximum reach to 180kg/hour .  

Textile garment Waste Recycling Plant
Textile/garment Waste Recycling Plant

Waste Garments
Raw Materials of Textile/garment Waste Recycling Plant

The cutting machine will cut off all of the fabric and thread waste get small pieces enable to recycling , the Strong opener with 3.5 tooth per inch wires will loosen and cleaning the fabric after cutting . HP-L05 Seven cylinder recycling machinery will clean and recycling the material get the fiber finally , meantime the dust fan on each cylinder will remove the mote and dust out of the working shop . the general filter will collecting the dust installed out of the working shop . the baling press for packing the bales after recycling enable to store and transport .

Recycling unit should depend on the purpose of customer and the raw material make the project accordingly, the unit will more or less recycling unit in the project accordingly.

The equipment of Automatic feeding machinery and Fire detector and iron detector are not including this commercial offer, in case you need more accessory equipment, we are glad to provide to you.

Industrial Shed, Steel Building Construction

CBECL GROUP is specialized in Industrial Shed, Steel Building Construction. We make pre-engineered steel structure for factory shed.
Steel Structure Industrial Shed
Steel Structure, Factory Shed
Steel Structure Layout
Steel Structure Layout
Steel Structure Design
Steel Structure Design

We are working on 

  • Industrial Steel Building

  1. Steel shed for garment industry

  2. Auto Bricks industry factory shed

  3. Feed mill factory shed

  4. Auto rice mill factory shed

  5. Flour Mill Factory Shed

  6. Textile factory shed by steel structure

  7. Jute mill steel building shed

  8. Food and beverage industry shed

  9. And all other steel building sheds

  • Residential Steel Building

  • Commercial Steel Building

Please Contact us for your steel structure building design, drawing, and prices.

Pyrolysis & Distillation Machinery

We are a leading supplier of waste tyre/plastic/rubber PYROLYSIS EQUIPMENT and waste oil DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT.

Pyrolysis Plant (furnace oil from waste tires) Call 0171675237...
Pyrolysis Plant (furnace oil from waste tires) Call 01716752370 for machinery (cost of plant).
Posted by Abu Rayhan on Monday, July 20, 2015

Process of Pyrolysis Equipment:

Process of Pyrolysis

Process of Pyrolysis Equipment

A. Feeding the reactor with raw material through the feeding door by labor or machine and then close the door tightly.
B. Heat the reactor with coal, wood ,natural gas or other fuels.
C.Some harmful smoke will come out along with the heating, but it will be removed by the dust remove system.
D. The smoke from the exhaust disposal system is no different from the air. The draft fan helps to inhale the smoke from the pipe and then release into the sky more quickly.
E. The oil gas will travel from the reactor to the gas separator, in which the heavy oil and impurities will be departed from the gas due to the gravity. Then the gas will continue its journey into the depositing tank for a second separation. After that, the cleaned oil gas will run into the cooling condensing pipes in the cooling pool, where the gas will convert to liquid, the oil, and then flow into the oil tank for storage.
F. There will be some waste gas in the oil tank. It will follow the pipe over the oil tank into the cooling pool for a second condensing so that the remained oil gas could turn to oil to improve the oil yield rate.
G. As for the waste gas, which cannot be transformed into liquid will go into the water sealing and then to the furnace for burning. It is not only environment protection but also energy conservation.

Main Advantages of Our Pyrolysis Plant

pyrolysis plant

  1.  The boiler material is Q345 R and the thickness of reactor is 14mm/16mm.
  2.  Our pyrolysis plant adopts electronic control cabinet, which can save workers and easy- operating.
  3.  Waste gas recycling system, using two sets of water sealing. It can ensure the waste gas reused more safely and effectively. The recycled gas to heat the reactor makes the plant environmental and fuel-save.
  4. Automatic submerged welding technology and ultrasonic nondestructive testing guarantee the workers and plant safe. It can also prolong the use of the plant.
  5. Desulfurization dust removal design, through the spray, purification, adsorption can be more effective to remove acid gases and dust, environmental protection free from contamination.
  6. We have different types of 5t, 6t, 8t, 9t, 10t and 12t pyrolysis plant in our factory.There is running pyrolysis plant in our factory. Welcome to our factory at your convenient time.

Distillation plant

Main Feature of the distillation plant:

1) The distillation plant can deal with used motor oil,waste Engine oil, waste tyre oil, crude oil and shale oil to diesel and gasoline.
2) The diesel can use in diesel generator set, ship, big truck, forklift, agricultural machine , etc.
3) There have 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30tons of the plant in our factory.
4) Our distillation plant of high automatic,and can be fully automatic continuous production.
You just need 2 workers to operate it.
5) Use flash distill and , ensure high oil yield, reach to 85%-90% . The diesel sulphur content low to 0.015%, Environmental.
6) Use coil condenser,Have many pipes in the coil condenser,and water in the coil condenser cooling the oil in the pipes,Good cooling effect and the waster can recycling use.
7) washing oil system,make the oil have a better quality.
8) Oil residue can be used as asphalt, there is no waste.
9) our plants have the ISO,CE and BV certificate, environmental protection and good service.

After-Sale Service:

The seller sends the foundation drawings to the buyer after making the order.
Our factory takes charge for the installing,debugging, training the buyer’s staff. He will not leave until the machine running normally.
The buyer shall be responsible for each technical engineer’s accommodation, round-trip tickets, self-security and salary USD90/day.


Two years guarantee for reactors.As normal,the reactor can be used more than 8 years.
Other parts(except wearing parts) guarantee for one year.
Life-long maintenance for whole equipment.

Laboratory Equipment for Feed Mill, Water Plant, Food Industry

We are the most trusted supplier of laboratory equipment for feed analysis, water quality analysis, food quality analysis, etc. We have lab equipment for feed mill, lab equipment for water plants, lab equipment for food processing plants, etc. Origin of machinery are China, USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, etc.

We supply testing/analyzing/QC equipment of feed and food industries in Bangladesh.

Laboratory Equipment
Please contact us for your laboratory equipment, feed mill lab equipment, mineral water lab equipment, ETP lab equipment, food industry lab equipment.

ETP Plant Provider/Supplier/Manufacturer

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants
Sewage/Effluent treatment plants
We are the pioneer in manufacturing and fabrication of Sewage/Effluent treatment plants from over 15 years in the area of waste water management solution. We with our specialist team working in this area to provide end to end solution. Our products not only can achieve zero waste discharge, are also capable of providing solutions for the environment.
ETP Plant Provider/Supplier/Manufacturer

We have ETP Plant Provider/Supplier/Manufacturer, ETP Plant For Washing Factory, ETP Plant For Dying Factory, ETP Plant for Garments Factory, ETP Plant for Leather Factory, ETP Plant for Food Industry, ETP Plant for Beverage Industry, etc.. Please call us for your ETP Plant.

Automatic Poultry Hatchery Equipment

We supply Automatic Poultry Hatchery Equipment and complete consultancy. Please call us for details information and prices.

Watch video of Automatic Poultry Hatchery Equipment. Automatic Poultry Breeder Equipment.

Automatic Poultry Layer House

We supply complete machinery and equipment of automatic poultry layer house. Please call us for detail information and prices.

Watch video of Automatic Poultry Layer House.

LED Bulb/Tube Assembly Plant

We supply complete machinery of LED Bulb/Tube Assembly Plant.

Air Conditioner Assembly Plant

We supply complete machinery of Air Conditioner Assembly Plant. Please contact us for details Air Conditioner Assembly Plant.

Watch Video of Air Conditioner Assembly Plant.

PP Woven / Non Woven Bag Production Plant with Recycling

We supply complete machinery of PP Woven / Non Woven Bag Production Plant with Recycling.

Car Battery Production and recycling plant

We supply complete machinery of Car Battery Production and recycling plant with consultancy.

Waste to Electricity Power Plant

We supply machinery and provide complete consultancy on Waste to Electricity Power Plant.

PET Bottle Recycling Plant

We supply machinery and provide complete consultancy on PET Bottle Recycling Plant.

Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

We supply machinery and provide consultancy on Waste Plastic Recycling Plant.

Waste Paper Recycling Plant

We supply machinery and provide consultancy on Waste Paper Recycling Plant.

Wind Mill Power Plant

We provide complete solution with machinery and consultancy on Wind Mill Power Plant.

Large Size Bio-gas Plant

We provide complete machinery & consultancy on Large Size Bio-gas Plant.

Solar Cold Storage

We supply complete machinery and consultancy of Solar Cold Storage.

Solar Water Heater Assembly Plant

We supply complete machinery and consultancy on Solar Water Heater Assembly Plant.

Solar Cooker Assembly Plant

We supply complete machinery of  Solar Cooker Assembly Plant with consultancy services.

Solar Battery Recycling Plant

We supply complete machinery of solar battery recycling plant.

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