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Color Sorter

We supply color sorter of different kinds:

  1. Rice Color Sorter Thailand Long Rice , Long-shaped Rice, Black Rice, Glutinous Rice, Small Yellow Rice Color Sorter.
  2. Grain Color Sorter Broad Beans, Red Beans, Peppers, Soybeans, Mung Beans, Onions, Corn,
  3. Tea Color Sorter Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Pu’er Tea, Oolong Color Sorter.
  4. Belt Color Sorter Nuts, Seafood, Fresh Cut Vegetables, Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits Color Sorter,
  5. Industrial Color Sorter Coal, Quartz Sand, Mono sodium Glutamate, Recycled Plastic, Halite, Glass Color Sorter ,
  6. Custom Color Sorter Accordingly a complete set of Color Sorter solutions can be offered. 
Color Sorter
Color Sorter: Brand-Hons (China)

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