Lift, Elevator, Escalator

We supply and install Lift, Elevator, Escalator for home, office, apartment, shopping mall, foot over bridge, etc. Please contact us for details information and quotation.
CBECL is a trusted lift, elevator, escalator supplier in Bangladesh
While home elevators have been seen as an extravagance thing previously, today’s home elevators are substantially to a greater degree a need. With our maturing populace the utilization of a home elevator for versatility and moving substantial items is presently the standard in multi-level development. The home elevator can give a protected and advantageous approach to get between carpets. With limits of 950 lbs. furthermore taxi sizes from 15 square feet up to 18 square feet, home elevators give answers for make your home more reasonable.
Whether you’re taking a gander at new development or retrofitting a current home, you’re searching for craftsmanship and long haul quality. Access can give both. All our elevators are custom-manufactured, outlined and made in America. The individuals who outlined our private elevators are parts of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Better Business Bureau, the Associated Contractors and other industry associations.
We’ve put in more than 7 years offering, adjusting and introducing elevators in Bangladesh, we have taken that encounter and outlined the best residential elevator accessible. Our configuration group has introduced and overhauled lifts for a considerable length of time. We’ve seen what meets expectations, what doesn’t and what works better. Our unmatched experience implies you’ll get the absolute best item and administration – PERIOD. Our Elevator and Lift is focused on helping our clients.
At our Elevator and Lift company, the product offerings are precisely picked. Each item is hand chosen and subject to thorough gauges before being acknowledged by the our group. Hence, we have decided to work with a maker who fabricates elevators only for our association.
Our dedication to wonderful craftsmanship, master building, insightful development, and competitiveness means our Elevator and Lift gives the best items accessible. You, our customer gets to experience that amazing worth. Select an Elevator and Lift private elevator and you have chosen the best item accessible for you family and home.