Flour Mill Machinery Turn-key Plants

CBECL supplies complete flour mill machinery and mini flour mill plant all over the world. We also provide installation and after sale services of flour milling plants.
We have Rice Flour mill, wheat flour mill and corn flour mill.

Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Our expert engineers will install the machinery with direct cooperation of our China partners and their engineers. We provide design, drawing and fabrication & erection of steel building for flour mill.
You can get our consultancy service to set-up flour mills.
Please contact us for more information of our flour mill machinery.

Your Questions: 

Q-1. What is the origin of your machines?
 Ans: Generally we provide flour mill machinery from China. But, if you want we can provide Turkey, Germany and Japan made machinery also.

Q-2. Do you help on making shed for flour mill?
Ans: Yes, we provide turn-key solution of flour mill. We make the industrial shed, warehouse and other infrastructures for your industry.

Q-3. We have already purchased machinery from other. Do you provide installation services?
Ans: Yes, we can help you in that situation also.

Q-4. We need the shed only, We have purchased the machinery from other, can you help?
Ans: Yes, we will make the flour mill sheds for your industry, but you will provide the design in this case.

Q-5. How much capacity of flour mill you can provide?
Ans: Any capacity from 10 tons per day to 1000 tons per day or bigger.

Q-6. Do you provide any warranty of machinery or services?
Ans: Yes, in general, we provide one year warranty for our machinery and other services.