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Auto Bricks in Bangladesh

We supply auto bricks in Bangladesh

CBECL Group is one of the trusted auto bricks supplier in Bangladesh, If you require auto bricks, please contact us for auto bricks price and supply terms and conditions.
Auto bricks in Bangladesh

Types of auto bricks in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we have to types of auto bricks. Solid auto bricks and hollow auto bricks. Hollow auto bricks are further three types: three holes, six holes and ten holes auto bricks.

Auto bricks manufacturing process

How auto bricks are made?

In Bangladesh, auto bricks are made manually and by automatic machine. Manual bricks are fired in fixed chimney kilns and are not environment friendly. The quality of bricks are also not good at all.
But the bricks made with automatic machines are dried and fired in HHK or tunnel kilns which is environment friendly. The quality of bricks are also very good.
Auto bricks fired in HHK in Bangladesh

The price of auto bricks in Bangladesh

The price of auto bricks in Bangladesh vary from 9.00 taka to 13.00 taka depending on the location, quality and types of products. Sometimes, same quality of auto bricks may differ in price for location of production and delivery. 

Solid auto bricks in Bangladesh

If you require good quality auto bricks for your running construction works, please call us for your price, Remember again, auto bricks from a trusted company may keep you assured in future. 

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