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Diesel Generators, Used Diesel Generators, Second Hand Diesel Generators

We supply Diesel Generators, Used Diesel Generators, Second Hand Diesel Generators of all kinds and capacities all over the world.

Our power generators are made by world leading companies like Perkins and Cummins.
We have pure China generators too. Our diesel generators are durable, reliable and cheap. We have used latest technology in or diesel generators usable at industries,offices and apartments.
We have Diesel Generators, Used Diesel Generators, Second Hand Diesel Generators in Bangladesh with canopy or without canopy. With ATS and Stamford alternators.
Diesel Generator, Capacity range: 9 kva to 2000 kva.

We provide warrantee and after sale services with installation and erection services free for all Diesel Generators, Used Diesel Generators, Second Hand Diesel Generators in Bangladesh.

Cummins Diesel Generator Sets

diesel generatorsDiesel fueled generator sets remain the most obvious decision for standby and crisis power frameworks, around the world. Equipped to begin and expect stack in under 10 seconds, and evaluated load in a solitary step, Cummins diesel generator sets are the embodiment of rough steadfastness and dependable mechanical and electrical execution. Diesel generators are likewise appropriate to utility topping plants, Distributed Generation (DG) offices, top shaving (or top trimming), and force administration on the loose business or mechanical locales. Cummins Power Generation has completely upgraded its high-extend generator sets to convey the dependability, productivity and adaptability that your clients need.

We have super stent type generators too.

To know more about our Diesel Generators, Used Diesel Generators, Second Hand Diesel Generators in Bangladesh, please contact us.
diesel generators for sale in bangladesh

What is Diesel Generator?

A diesel generator is a blending of diesel motor and a generator. Diesel motor deals with guideline of Carnot cycle, go about as a prime mover which supplies mechanical vitality to the generator to create power. The vitality that is created because of the inside burning of fuel in the chamber is done by cylinder however the interfacing pole what’s more crankshaft lastly offer power to the generator shaft to pivot. The turn of the generator shaft that cut the attractive field and produces power. For safe start up what’s more operation of a diesel generator framework obliged a intensive check of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control frameworks. The procedure framework parameter like weight and temperature of fuel, lube oil, cooling water, bearing temperature and vibration ought to be inside the obliged extent. All electrical parameter like voltage, current, power, recurrence and force element ought to screen and control legitimately for generator synchronization what’s more operation.

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